At Becker Body Shop Collision Repair Center, we meet our best customers by accident, and unfortunately over 20% of vehicle impacts are caused by inclement weather each year according to the Federal Highway Administration. But contrary to popular belief, winter driving doesn’t always have to be intimidating! Here are some tips to keep you and your vehicle safe from these statistics when on the road this winter season:

  1. Drive Slowly—Reduce your speed in snowy or icy road conditions to avoid accidents, sliding, and skidding. Speeding, switching lanes erratically, and actively participating in dangerous driving behavior in already inclement conditions is not a smart move, and at extreme, can lead your car straight to Becker Body Shop Collision Repair Center.
  1. Avoid Distractions—When driving, always give your undivided attention to the road. Avoid using your cell phone, eating, or engaging in anything that hinders your focus behind the wheel. Your life isn’t worth the risk—and while we can repair your vehicle at Becker Body Shop Collision Repair Center, we cannot repair the life-long damage caused by distracted driving.
  • Avoid Cruise Control—Always be in full control when it comes to acceleration and deceleration in severe road conditions by avoiding cruise control settings. Cruise control can cause your tires to spin faster when you hit a slick spot, resulting in fishtailing when the tires regain traction. Regardless, if an accident was to occur, at Becker Body Shop Collision Repair Center we provide manufacturer’s approved auto body repairs as quick and painless as possible.
  • Increase Distance—Allow for extra braking time at stop lights and intersections with ample amount of space between you and the car in front of you to avoid collision. Luckily, at Becker Body Shop Collision Repair Center we are PPG Paints and I-Car Grabber Certified when it comes to repairs. You can feel good about putting your car in our capable hands when an accident occurs.

Protect your safety this winter season by following this Becker Body Shop Collision Repair Center Guide to Winter Driving, and if all else fails call Dave Aucker today at 570.743.5882 to request an estimate or to schedule an appointment today. Our Auto Body Technicians make the auto restoration process easy and understand that life doesn’t stop when your car is in for repairs. That’s why we even offer loaner vehicles to all our customers. That way, you can have peace-of-mind, while the experts at our shop breathe life back into your vehicle. No matter the circumstances, Becker Body Shop Collision Repair Center is your full-service solution in Hummels Wharf, PA!

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